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Thinking Christianly Posts

#20: What’s Real and Why Does it Matter?

What is real? This has been a defining question in our modern era. How should a thinking Christian answer this question? J.P. and Stan describe…


#19: Finding Quiet When Experiencing Anxiety and Depression

How do we “find quiet” in a noisy world? Using J.P.’s book Finding Quiet as a launch point J.P., Stan, and Jordan discuss mental health;…

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#18: Why it Matters That Jesus Was Really and Fully Human

In this podcast we discuss why the Incarnation is so important, and how the ever-present idea of Gnosticism impacts our view of the incarnation of…


#14: The Resurrection and Post-Resurrection Appearances of Christ

In this podcast we discuss: What does it mean that Christianity is “verifiable” and “falsifiable”? Minimal Facts Approach – What are the historical facts that…