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[Christ] wants a child’s heart but a grown-up’s head.

If we are to love God adequately with the mind, then the mind must be exercised regularly, trained to acquire certain habits of thought, and filled with an increasingly rich set of distinctions and categories.

False ideas are the greatest obstacles to the reception of the gospel.

Thinking Christianly features conversations between J.P. Moreland and Stan W. Wallace, moderated by Jordan Plank. We discuss how believers can better follow the often-neglected aspect of Jesus’ greatest commandment–loving God with all our minds (Luke 10:27). We also discuss how doing so results in a deepening relationship with Christ and greater influence for Christ. One podcast is posted each month. Please subscribe so you don’t miss a conversation!

J.P. first made his mark by debating atheist Kai Nielsen on "Does God Exist?" Since then he has spoken on over 175 campuses and has authored, edited, or contributed to over 90 books and over 85 academic journal articles. In 2019 he was named one of the world's top 50 living philosophers. For more information visit J.P.'s website.

Stan has been in academic ministry since 1992. He has published in academic and ministry journals, contributed to several books and edited several others. As CEO of Global Scholars he helps equip Christian professors in secular universities worldwide to be salt and light for Christ. For more information visit Stan's website.

Jordan holds a B.A. in Family and Human Services from John Brown University. As a lover of literature and history and a millennial, Jordan hosts these conversations in her unique, insightful, and thought-provoking style. For more information visit Jordan's LinkedIn page.

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