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#19: Finding Quiet When Experiencing Anxiety and Depression

How do we “find quiet” in a noisy world? Using J.P.’s book Finding Quiet as a launch point J.P., Stan, and Jordan discuss mental health; specifically, anxiety and depression. What options are available to Christians who struggle with these diseases? How can a person seek treatment in a faith-informed way?

The information in this podcast is not intended to diagnose or treat specific diseases. As we will discuss in the podcast, we encourage you to consult with a physician or licensed mental health professional about your specific situation.

In this podcast we discuss:

  • J.P.’s journey in dealing with anxiety
  • What is creating the conditions that leads to our current epidemic of anxiety
  • Some strategies that we can use to alleviate the experience of anxiety
  • Simple tools and practical help to facilitate a feeling of peace and calm
  • How to find a good Christian counselor or therapist
  • Should Christians seek professional help for mental health issues?
  • How we can show love and care for those struggling with anxiety or depression
  • Encouragement to live with hope instead of despair

Resources mentioned during our conversation:

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