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Category: Intellectual Life

#8: What is the Soul, and Why Should We Care? (Part 2)

JP and Stan continue their conversation on the nature of the soul, the many implications of us being a soul, and objections to substance dualism.…

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#5: Can We Trust the Bible Completely?

In this episode we discuss what it means that the Christian Scriptures are “without error.” With appropriate nuance and caveats given, the concept of biblical…

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#4: Should We Return To “In-Person” Church?

As COVID restrictions are being lifted in the U.S., we are once again able to attend church in person. However, after twelve to eighteen months…


#2: What the Bible Says About “Thinking Christianly”

In this episode, we’re making a Biblical case for the role of reason in Christianity. We discuss: How Scripture makes a clear case for the…

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