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#5: Can We Trust the Bible Completely?

In this episode we discuss what it means that the Christian Scriptures are “without error.” With appropriate nuance and caveats given, the concept of biblical inerrancy is supported with the use of reason and logical argumentation. JP and Stan also discuss some of the false and/or poorly reasoned arguments made both for and against inerrancy.

In this podcast we discuss:

  • What the position on Scripture referred to as “inerrancy” entails.
  • Why the inerrancy of Scripture is essential for human flourishing and the common good.
  • Evaluating the claim, “Christianity is really just about a relationship with God, not these types of issues.”
  • How to engage skeptics in conversation about inerrancy.
  • Bad arguments both for and against inerrancy.
  • Understanding the distinction between reasoned certainty, spiritual certainty, and psychological certainty.
  • The strongest argument in defense of inerrancy.

Resources mentioned during our conversation:

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